It’s all in the shape

01/01/2018 | 2 min read
Christian Platzer

Bayernland / Mozzarella Wrap

A new twist on a classic favorite: Bayernland’s new Mozzarella Wrap has been on the market in Germany since the beginning of the year and has been bringing an exciting change of pace to the dairy aisle since its arrival. The thin, rolled-out sheet of mozzarella can be filled as desired, rolled up, and served in slices – and it’s perfect for baked pasta dishes or casseroles as well.

But the shape of the mozzarella isn’t the only remarkable thing about the product; its packaging is a real standout, too: The plastic tub is long and narrow, offering plenty of space for the rolled-up mozzarella sheet. Black was selected as the color – a deliberate choice that’s striking and unusual in the dairy section. Greiner Packaging was responsible for developing the tub. One very important aspect of this process was coordinating the packaging precisely with the customer’s new filling system. Bayernland has been completely satisfied with the service provided by Greiner Packaging, from the creation of the first prototypes through to the final packaging.

Packaging facts


130 g




Injection molding





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