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16/08/2022 | 2 min read
Pavel Šrom

In the Czech Republic, Šveda Quality s.r.o. has launched a range of ready meals – including: goulash; chicken satay; and several different soups – in new thermoformed EVOH packaging from Greiner Packaging’s Slusovice factory.

Using Greiner Packaging’s multi-barrier technology (MBT), the specially designed EVOH cup is ideal for ready meals as its oxygen barrier extends the product’s shelf-life.

Targeting families, students, campers and anyone who is looking for quality ready to go meals, the new products are now available across the country in retail outlets including: Kaufland; Tesco; Penny; Billa; and COOP.

We chose to work with Greiner Packaging as they are a reliable and local partner for this key product. Our whole philosophy is built on quality, and we are impressed by Greiner’s EVOH know-how. The new packaging is a perfect fit with our sterilisation process, and improves the shelf-life of our products without the need to use preservatives.

Šveda Quality director Petr Švéda snr

A sustainable packaging choice

“We worked closely with the team at Šveda Quality to develop this innovative new custom-developed packaging which is made from PP/EVOH/PP,” says Greiner Packaging Sales Manager Pavel Šrom. “The EVOH barrier protects the food by preventing the risk of oxidization, created by contact with the surrounding environment. As a result, shelf-life is significantly extended without the use of preservatives.

“Not only does the MBT EVOH technology extend the product’s shelf-life, it is also recyclable, and therefore sustainable.”

Barrier brouchure

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