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Easy separation for recycling

15/12/2021 | 2 min read
Thomas Maibohm

In 2020, Kerrygold Extra – from the German division of Irish food cooperative Ornua – celebrated its 10th anniversary. Designed to be spreadable straight from the refrigerator, Kerrygold Extra is made from original Irish butter, and rapeseed oil, which features high levels of Omega-3.

Kerrygold Extra is Germany’s best-selling spreadable butter and is available in both salted and unsalted variants, packed in premium 250g and 400g resealable K3® tubs made by Greiner Packaging.

In 2018, the packaging for Kerrygold Extra was given a makeover. A new curved injection-molded lid with in-mold label (IML) decoration was added to the perfectly recyclable K3®-H cardboard-plastic tubs, made from polypropylene (PP), and an outer cardboard wrap made from recycled material. During the design process, particular attention was paid to the ease of opening and closing the lid.

The redesigned K3® pack from Greiner Packaging – which allowed easy separation and recycling of cardboard and plastics – was the perfect expression of the Kerrygold brand, which prides itself on natural ingredients and a sustainable image.

Ornua Deutschland Head of Purchasing and Logistics Peter Drees

Now the packaging has received another makeover. Available on retail shelves across Germany since summer 2021, Kerrygold Extra features Greiner Packaging’s new K3® tear-tab to make it even easier for consumers to separate the packaging for recycling.

Working closely with Ornua Deutschland, we implement the change to the latest, improved version of K3® in less than two months,” says Greiner Packaging Vertriebs GmbH Key Account Manager Thomas Maibohm. “Both the new 250g and 450g K3®-H packs are now lighter weight and use less PP for the tub. For the “H” element of the K3®-H (‘Hohlboden’ or False Bottom) we are now using only one adhesive point rather than two. In addition, the new pack has delivered measurable improvements on the filling line”.

We are now also manufacturing the unique curved IML injection molded resealable lid at the same location as the K3® tub, which has improved delivery reliability. This is crucial, as the huge success of a recent promotion has led to dramatically increased demand for what was already one of Germany’s best-selling spreadable butter products.

Greiner Packaging Vertriebs GmbH Key Account Manager Thomas Maibohm

Packaging reduces carbon footprint

“Ornua is committed to sourcing environmentally and socially sustainable products, packaging and ingredients, and to reducing the carbon footprint of our supply chain,” says Peter Drees. “Specifying Greiner Packaging’s resealable K3® packaging solution has delivered many benefits and is helping Ornua meet those targets.

“Fully recyclable and using up to 33% less plastic than alternatives, the new tear-tab on the K3® pack now makes it even easier for the consumer to separate the packaging for recycling. While the outside of the cardboard wrap – printed in six colors – features our branding and nutrition information, we use the reverse of the wrap to communicate our sustainability story directly to consumers.”

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