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28/10/2016 | 2 min read
Peter Resch

Honigmayr / Honey

Sticky fingers are often still one of the lesser evils: Whether at the breakfast table at home or at a buffet in the hotel, finding a practical and sanitary way of dispensing just the right amount of honey is always a challenge, even for the most experienced adult. The practical dose dispenser from the Austrian honey manufacturer Honigmayr offers a remedy for this, available in two sizes – 270 grams and 500 grams – for use at home as well as for the restaurant trade. Thanks to the new, innovative, and currently unique seal with safety opening, the squeeze bottles are not only easy to use, but also guarantee the highest level of product safety. The plastic upside-down bottles were produced by Greiner Packaging; the entire project was managed and implemented by the packaging experts, from the drawing to the samples and up to the final product.

The selected types of honey are marketed throughout Austria and the portfolio includes products for families as well as for single-person households, and for hotels and guest houses.

Packaging facts


270 g, 500 g




Injection stretch blow molding




250 g: Mountain, linden, forest and acacia honey

500 g: Blossom, acacia and forest honey

We value Greiner Packaging not just for the quality of the packaging, but above all, for the flexibility. They were able to shorten the delivery time as well as the storage periods, and delivery is adapted to our requirements. That’s how it should be.

Halmut Gratschmaier, Manager of Honigmayr

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