Delightful holiday memories

01/01/2017 | 2 min read
Sabine Schnell

Berglandmilch / Yogurt

Sun, deep blue water, white sand, a creamy yogurt with fresh fruits for breakfast – at least a small part of that dream vacation in Greece can now be brought back to Austria as well. The Berglandmilch company is making a Greek-style yogurt that is completely satisfying for the “Spar” brand. With only 0.1 percent fat, it is low-fat but still rich in protein; the creamy consistency provides special enjoyment, and the three different flavors – plain, blueberry and vanilla – offer the right flavor for every yogurt fan. The plastic cups that the “Greek style yogurt” comes in also provide a holiday feel at first glance, with the classy sleeves depicting classic images of Greece. As a long-term partner of Berglandmilch, Greiner Packaging is producing the yogurt cups. Both the exceptional packaging quality and the design played a decisive role for Berglandmilch.

Packaging facts


150 g








Plain, Blueberry, Vanilla

With Greiner Packaging, the complete solution is always the main focus. The look and practicality complement each other perfectly. And when it comes to service, we can always rely on our partner.

Cornelia Teufel

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