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08/02/2018 | 2 min read
Lucian Ocos

Monor / Milk

They are something we hold in our hands every day but often don’t pay any attention to: containers of milk are standard items that can be found in the refrigerator in nearly every home. Ideally, these containers are easy to open and convenient to use as well as guaranteeing that the contents taste delicious and stay fresh for as long as possible.

Glass, cardboard, or plastic – the packaging possibilities are as diverse as the types of milk available. In recent years, the Romanian brand Monor has established itself as a premium supplier of dairy products. Now aiming to communicate this image more effectively to the wider market, the company switched the packaging for its 1.8-liter product to a high-grade plastic bottle specially designed by Greiner Packaging. This bottle stands out thanks to an integrated handle that makes it especially easy to use by children as well as adults. A cap was also developed that makes it possible to close the bottle tightly again after it is first opened, making it completely leak-proof. The milk bottle’s new design meets the ever-increasing demands of consumers and is 100% recyclable.The new milk containers have been available on the Romanian market since early 2018.

Packaging facts






Extrusion blow molding


Embossing and sleeve


Screw closure




Injection molding


1.5%, 3.5% fat content

The bottle perfectly reflects the high quality standard that we place on our milk. Thanks to Greiner Packaging’s extensive expertise in the dairy packaging segment, we received great support and advice in every phase of the project – not only when it came to the packaging itself, but also in terms of production, the bottling system, and logistics.

Neagos from Monor

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