Vegan dipping pleasure

06/10/2016 | 2 min read
Sabine Schnell

Deli Dip / Hummus

Rich in protein, iron, and vitamin C: Thanks to their high nutritional value, chickpeas – and consequently, dips and spreads made from them – have also been gaining ever-increasing popularity in Austria. The domestic company Deli Dip has recognized this as well and has been offering hummus in practical snack sizes since June. For healthy dipping pleasure as a snack, meanwhile, the combi-pack is being supplemented with mini-pretzels or falafel and thus provides the right push for concentration and efficiency. The packaging for the vegan snacks comes from Greiner Packaging which, together with Cardbox Packaging, developed and implemented a combo-pack consisting of two cups with a cardboard wrap. One cup is filled with hummus, the other with pretzels or falafel, which is then sealed and encased in the cardboard wrap. The product itself is visible on both sides and creates a desire for more when purchasing.

Packaging facts


198 g






Cardboard wrap


Natural flavored hummus with mini-pretzels or falafel

We were particularly pleased with the complete solution for this packaging variation. The cups from Greiner Packaging and the cardboard wrapping from Cardbox Packaging are a perfect match for our concept of high quality and provide for visual differentiation on the retail shelf. 

Fanny Schreiber, Manager of Deli Dip

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