Vegan bites

01/02/2019 | 2 min read
Theresa Wieser

VeggieMeat / Pea protein balls

“Open, dip, and tuck in!” is the motto of the new vegini products made by Austrian company VeggieMeat, and which recently hit the shelves in their home country.

The balls and mini-patties made from pea protein – accompanied with either a paprika or barbecue dipping sauce – satisfy those small pangs of hunger between meals in a sustainable and healthy way. Rich in protein and free of soy, lactose, and gluten, the products can be eaten either hot or cold, making them an ideal option for eating on the go. This is also made possible by the snacks’ practical to-go packaging, which is supplied by Greiner Packaging. The delicious pea protein balls and mini-patties are sold in a cardboard-plastic cup featuring a window cut-out, with the sauce and a small, labeled fork located inside the lid. The cups, lids, and forks are all produced by Greiner Packaging, and the products have been on the market since March 2019.

Packaging facts


105 g, plus 30 g of sauce (depending on variant)


Cup: PP Lid: PET


Cup: Thermoforming Lid: Thermoforming


Cup: Cardboardplastic combination Lid: Label


Classic balls, mini-patties, paprika balls

We were won over by Greiner Packaging’s promise to deliver an all-in-one solution.

We were looking for convenience packaging that would be practical while also making a visual impact. Plus, with the cardboard-plastic cup, we can cater to our consumers’ sustainability aspirations – that was an important factor for us,

VeggieMeat’s Lukas Wischenbart

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