Unique squeezing sensation

20/11/2020 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

A newly developed sauce bottle, which works like a concertina, is guaranteed to draw attention to sauces at the point of sale – and beyond. Its unusual shape positively encourages squeezing, while the pleated design makes consuming the contents an equally fun experience.

Integrated concertina section makes squeezing easy

The concertina design allows the consumer to squeeze out the desired quantity of sauce cleanly and easily. Pre-dosing by the sauce producer is also straightforward since the size of the concertina section can be chosen in such a way that the ideal amount of sauce is deposited on the plate when the push mechanism is fully depressed. Greiner Packaging manufactures the bottle body, including the concertina section, using either the injection stretch blow molding or the extrusion blow molding technique.

Recyclability depends on choice of closure technology

Any standard closure with a flap is suitable for use as a bottle cap, and fitting a silicone membrane is also an option. Adding the latter means that the product can be dispensed with virtually no residue; however, it can impact negatively on the assessment of the product’s recyclability. With the exception of the concertina section, the bottle itself can be decorated in a variety of ways: from direct printing to the addition of a label or sleeve – the customer is free to choose.

Function meets fun – DesPro’s motto for product development

When this new sauce bottle was in development, the fun factor involved in squeezing out the contents and the need to differentiate the product at the POS were the team’s focus right from the outset.

We all remember how hard we often had to hit the bottom of glass bottles in the past to get to the sauce inside. When we were children, this often ended badly. Then convenient squeeze bottles suddenly appeared on the market. They stood upside down and worked on the basis of gravity. But now, we wanted to make the design even better by developing our new sauce bottle. And, as the design team, we had no shortage of fun, either – particularly when it came to testing the prototypes.

Stefan Ebli, DesPro’s chief product designer

With this bottle, Greiner Packaging is therefore now bringing to market the ideal solution for sauce bottles in terms of shape and function. It looks exciting, gives consumers excellent control over the amount dispensed, and – quite simply – makes for more fun at mealtimes.

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