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Turn old into new

04/08/2023 | 2 min read
Klára Stojanovičová

Festivals are not a place where sustainability and waste avoidance are a big priority. At least that was the case in the past. In the meantime, however, an increasing ecological awareness has also found its way onto festival grounds. New concepts are designed to make festival meadows littered with rubbish a thing of the past. One of these concepts comes from Greiner Packaging Slusovice. The site has launched a pilot project in which disposable cups shall be kept in a closed cycle.  

For this purpose, dedicated drop-off bins have been developed, which are placed at festivals. They are designed for the disposal of drinking cups only. On the one hand, this is made clear by the messages on the disposal box itself, but the cup slide also makes it clear: only drinking cups go in here. In addition, the cup chutes make it possible to stack the cups in the disposal box in a space-saving way, so that the largest possible number of cups can be returned. Because the drinking cups are relatively clean, they can be efficiently processed for recycling. In addition, the uniform material flow achieved by collecting the cups is ideal for recycling - there is no need for time-consuming sorting processes. Perfect conditions for a closed loop!  

Already in use

The disposal boxes were used for the first time at the Karpaty Festival in Slavičín. With a great return: 75 % of the cups handed out were disposed of in the boxes provided and are now ready for recycling. This not only underlines that this pilot project is a great concept of the colleagues in the Czech Republic, but also that consumers are nowadays willing to contribute to environmental protection - even at the festival site, where fun and enjoyment are in the foreground. A great signal for the future! And for the coming festivals where Greiner Packaging drinking cups will be used. 

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