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01/01/2019 | 2 min read
Kyra Gallego Prins

Brynild Gruppen / Snacks & candy

Whether nuts, dried fruit, or small sweet treats – a snack between meals restores energy and provides a boost at school or work. The Norwegian family business Brynild Gruppen has been making confectionary of all kinds since 1895 and has benefited from packaging solutions from Greiner Packaging since Christmas 2018.

When designing the cups, a lot of attention was paid to the packaging’s protective function, as nuts are particularly sensitive to exposure to oxygen. Consequently, a cardboard and plastic cup featuring an EVOH barrier film and a sustainable appearance was chosen for its ability to ensure an extra-long shelf life for food products. A decorated cardboard wrap makes the cup stand out on the shelf: Matt and glossy coatings as well as a rough surface texture give the product a distinctive look. Three cutouts in the cardboard offer glimpses inside the cup – and at the premium product itself. “

Packaging facts


150 g


Cup: PP with EVOH barrier Lid: PP


Cup: Thermoforming Lid: Injection molding


Cup: Cardboard wrap Lid: IML


Snap lock


Coated almonds and caramel fudge

This is the first time we’ve chosen a rigid packaging solution, taking advantage of Greiner Packaging’s extensive knowledge in this area. The fact that the cups and lids come from a single source was the clincher for us.

Mirielle Torgersen, Senior Purchaser, at Brynild Gruppen

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