Practical design in the shape of a fish

29/09/2016 | 2 min read
Aivi Järve

Orkla Foods Latvija / Yogurt sauces

Great taste in an appealing design: The new yogurt sauces from Orkla Foods Latvija appeal to fish lovers in two ways, thanks to their two lactose-free flavors that perfectly complement fish and fish sticks, and thanks to their unique fish-shaped plastic bottle, designed and produced by Greiner Packaging. Parents with children, in particular, often make a special effort to integrate as many healthy fish dishes as possible into their meal plans. 

Orkla Foods Latvija (a part of the Orkla Foods Group) is working to support this target group in the Finnish and Estonian market with its two new yogurt sauces. This seems destined to succeed, not just because of their great taste, but above all, because of the packaging shape of the product. It was the ideal challenge for the experts at Greiner Packaging, which can offer the customers the required skills as well as the logistics advantage of being nearby using its own location in Tabasalu, Estonia. The plastic sauce bottles that were developed are in the shape of a fish and whet appetite for salmon, trout, and others at first site.

Packaging facts


280 g




Extrusion blow molding




Tartar, tomato

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