Less plastic, more indulgence

06/04/2023 | 2 min read
André Flaspöhler

There are many ways to save plastic. One that has proven particularly successful over the past decades is the cardboard-plastic combination: A thin, unprinted plastic cup is surrounded by a cardboard wrap. Correctly separated, both components are perfectly recyclable. The same power that cardboard-plastic combinations have in the packaging sector have vegan products in the food sector. Hardly any other product category is currently experiencing such strong growth as plant-based products.

A company that ideally combines the trends vegan and cardboard-plastic packaging with its new spreads is the northern German manufacturer Popp Feinkost GmbH. The PP plastic cup is covered by an attractively printed cardboard wrap, which provides enough space for the company's messages. The bottom of the container is also covered with cardboard, and it is on this base that all the nutritional information is printed along with the product’s barcode. This is particularly handy, as it makes the packaging easy to scan at the checkout counter.

“The cardboard-plastic combination we chose for our packaging perfectly underscores what we are trying to achieve with our new, vegan spreads: to bring tasty and  environmentally friendly products to the market,” says Alexander Schmolling, responsible for Marketing at Popp Feinkost.  The spreads are available in three varieties: Fresh Cream Natural, Fresh Cream Herbs, and No-Bazda (a vegan twist on Bavarian Obazda cheese spread).

Packaging facts


150 g 




Cardboard-plastic combination




Fresh Cream Natural, Fresh Cream Herbal, No-Bazda

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