Innovative refill funnel

17/10/2022 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

The refill funnel developed by DesPro, Greiner Packaging’s in-house design and prototyping department, is an innovative, sustainable and highly practical idea, which makes it quick and easy for consumers to refill containers.

For sustainability reasons, many consumers are now keen to choose refill solutions for products like soap, shampoo, or dishwashing liquid. The advantages of repeatedly filling a high-quality bottle with concentrate that only needs to be diluted with water are obvious, because less material is needed to make the refill packaging. This not only conserves resources but also reduces the CO2 emissions released during production and transportation. 

Optimum recyclability

The refill funnel from DesPro offers another way of saving large amounts of material. While a conventional bottle for dishwashing detergent weighs around 28 grams (just under 1 oz), the funnel weighs less than one fifth of that at just 6 grams, giving it a decisive advantage over new bottles. In line with customer requirements, the funnel can be made from PP, for example - as a monomaterial, the thermoformed packaging solution is also ideal for recycling. 

User-friendly for consumers ...

But how does the refill funnel work exactly? The principle behind the concept is readily explained. The bottom of the funnel-shaped packaging is sealed with a strip, which is also made of PET. The consumer places the packaging on top of an empty bottle and pulls the strip to one side, opening the bottom of the funnel. The main lid seals the packaging at the top; opening it produces a flow of air that causes the concentrate contained in the packaging to empty swiftly into the bottle. Finally, with the help of the funnel, the consumer adds water to the bottle to dilute the concentrate. The packaging’s funnel shape is especially effective at emptying out any residues, as every drop of concentrate flows into the bottle so that no product is wasted. 

... and for customers

The practicality of the refill funnel can be enjoyed by customers too. The packaging is delivered by Greiner Packaging prestacked and presealed at the bottom. Now all the customer needs to do is to add the product and seal the packaging at the top with a sealing film – again, made from PP, for instance, for maximum recyclability. 

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