I love my soup

13/09/2016 | 2 min read
Rachel Sheldon

Theodor Kattus GmbH / Instant soup

Soups are popular for lunch as well as dinner. They are not just low-calorie, but also quite wholesome. The well-known German gourmet food producer, Theodor Kattus Gmbh, has also included soups in its range of products, among them Asian instant soups for the brand Bamboo Garden. Only boiling water is added to the cup contents. After just two minutes, the soup is ready to eat.

When it came to packaging, the Theodor Kattus GmbH chose the K3® cups with high-quality printing from Greiner Packaging. The cardboard wrap reduces the contact heat with the hot soup. The cups are therefore easy to hold. And thanks to their standard sizes, the cups can be filled using the client’s existing facilities. The soups are available in the German market.

Packaging facts


31 g






Cardboard wrap


Miso, Tom Kha, Tom Yum

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