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Easy to handle, twice the utility

30/04/2015 | 3 min read
Josef Zicha

Husqvarna / Combi can

Going back to 1689, Husqvarna has been one of the world‘s most successful providers of machinery and tools and, today, is market leader in forest and garden. Husqvarna serves both the construction and masonry industries as well as demanding end consumers with a rich product palette. When it comes to challenging plastic products, Husqvarna relies on its collaboration with Greiner Packaging - as in the case of their newly designed Husqvarna Combi can which was realized in collaboration between Greiner Packaging und Greiner Assistec. 

This container holds oil in one chamber and petrol in another, and has been specially designed for chainsaw users, where the refueling tanks enable them to work without extended interruptions. Prior to this Husqvarna innovation, the oil and gasoline containers had to be produced separately and then assembled later. An intensive collaboration between Husqvarna and Greiner Packaging has resulted in developing a considerably more efficient production process: A single production step is used to produce one container with two chambers using one tool.



Oil container: 2.5L,
Gasoline container: 5L




Extrusion blow molding

The time-consuming assembly step has been drop-ped, thereby saving money. The new Combi can has an integrated tool box for frequently needed tools and spare parts, which allows users to keep on working. Both chambers have an inspection window that can be used to check the oil and gasoline fill level. Husqvarna sets a high safety and quality bar for its products. And that is one of the main reasons it has chosen to collaborate with Greiner Packaging, which employs drop tests, pressure tests, and leak tests to ensure the Combi can can be used without a hitch. The Husqvarna Combi can is approved in accordance with UN recommendations.

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