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01/01/2017 | 2 min read
Thomas Edbauer

Eurosand / Decorative items

Since 1999, the Bavarian company Eurosand, with its creative line of decorative promotional items and accessories, has been helping provide that very special atmosphere at events or in homes. Colored sand, glass beads, etc., can be used for summer as well as winter arrangements, thus giving a personal note to each season and each festival. All items are available in a number of packaging varieties, one of which has just been redesigned by Greiner Packaging. The 500-milliliters plastic canister contains a variety of winter-themed decorative items and is intended to delight consumers primarily through its Christmassy look. The container, whether filled or empty, is itself a decorative object. The Christmas canister will be available worldwide in various color variations starting in 2017.

Packaging facts


500 ml




Injection stretch blow molding




Screw cap




Injection molding


Various colo

The design fits perfectly with our Christmas items and is yet another example of the design capability of Greiner Packaging, which shows up time and again in so many creative ideas. The quality of the products and the comprehensive service are the basis of our many years of collaboration. Nice to have it validated yet again with each project. 

Josef Hartmann, purchasing manager of Eurosand

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