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Chocolate-coated marshmallows in r-PET packaging

25/10/2022 | 2 min read
Thomas Knoll

Packaging made from recycled PET plastic (r-PET) is not only more sustainable, it also provides eco-conscious consumers with a good incentive to purchase. The blister packs of six produced by Greiner Packaging for the popular Schwedenbomben made by Niemetz now come in r-PET. This marks a successful transition from PET made from virgin material to PET made from recycled material. 

Greiner Packaging has been a strong partner of ours for more than 50 years, with experts in a wide range of aspects of sustainability. They support us in all areas relating to materials and design as well as regulatory issues. As well as carrying the Fairtrade label, our Schwedenbomben six-packs can now be marked as made from 100% recycled material, further enhancing the brand.

Andreas Bassler, from the company’s purchasing team

The Schwedenbombe is a product with a rich history and tradition that was first produced by Niemetz in 1926. The company is now owned by Heidi Chocolate AG.

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