Breakfast to go

01/01/2019 | 2 min read
Tomasz Janiak

Brüggen / Cereals

Cookies for breakfast? It’s not just little ones with a sweet tooth who are more willing to leap out of bed with that prospect before them. For this reason, Polish company Brüggen recently started to offer two distinct breakfast items that can be consumed quickly and easily on the go in their colorful cups.

Just pour milk over the chocolate cookies or balls and your morning snack is ready to be eaten! The K3® packaging made by Greiner Packaging consists of a cardboard and plastic cup that comes with a built-in spoon in its plastic lid: ideal for enjoyment on the go. Cleverly placed cutouts in the cardboard offer a glimpse inside the transparent cup, stoking curiosity about the product.

Packaging facts


30 g


Cup: PP Lid: PET Spoon: PS




Cardboard wrap


Chocolate cookies and chocolate balls

The packaging solution is practical and visually appealing, which is exactly what we wanted for our new breakfast offerings.

Arkadiusz Jermoszuk, Purchasing Specialist at Brüggen

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