Attracting attention with recipes

22/03/2018 | 2 min read
Toros Doyuran

Danone / Yogurt

A healthy lifestyle with a focus on diet and exercise is becoming increasingly important to people all around the world. Foods containing protein, such as yogurt and cheese, have therefore become very popular in particular, because they can be easily enjoyed on the go or used to prepare a wide variety of meals. Danone’s range includes the natural yogurt Activia, which is intended to promote digestive health thanks to special Bifidus bacteria. In Turkey, the packaging for the yogurt multipack was recently adapted to include various recipes on the back of the cups. The aim is to encourage an interest in cooking and a varied diet among consumers. The packaging is produced by Greiner Packaging and required special coordination between the plastics experts, the supplier of the sleeve, and Danone due to the fact that five different labels were requested.

By working closely together, the three partners succeeded in identifying an economical, quick, and appealing solution for the cup – the five labels can now be easily printed at the same time on just one machine. The sleeve system was acquired recently, and this investment underscores Greiner Packaging’s approach of modernizing and expanding its Istanbul location.



500 g









Synergies in the manufacturing process were put into play in the best possible way, and our product now addresses the target group perfectly thanks to the various recipes included on the packaging.

Tugce Behen, Purchasing Associate at Danone in Turkey

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