Greiner Packaging exceeds their fundraising target

17/02/2021 | 3 min read
Philip Woolsey

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading packaging manufacturers and providers of customised solutions from a single source. Operating with 32 sites in 19 different countries, the Dungannon site set a strategic objective in 2018 to raise £30,000 for their chosen charities by 31st December 2020. This initiative was led by the charity committee which is led by colleagues from different departments throughout the organisation.

Our first charity partnership was with the Niamh Louise Foundation. This local charity is based in Dungannon. The main aim of the Niamh Louise Foundation is to work with a range of voluntary and statutory agencies to reduce the numbers of people taking their own lives in Northern Ireland and in order to do this the charity provides suicide awareness, prevention, intervention and postvention services to the community.  We raised £10,000 for the Niamh Louise Foundation and they were overjoyed with the donation. 

I am deeply touched by this gesture on behalf of Greiner Packaging, all the staff and everybody who contributed to the fundraising efforts. This money will be used to support some of the most vulnerable people within our community and enable the inspirational Niamh Louise Foundation team to carry out their lifesaving work.

Anne Donaghy, Niamh Louise Foundation Chairperson

Air Ambulance NI was selected by our colleagues for Greiner’s Charity of the Year in 2019, when we raised an outstanding £13,114.82 through several fundraising activities. The team at Air Ambulance NI were delighted by our colleagues’ generosity. 

Air Ambulance NI needs to raise £2million each year to maintain this service, so our corporate partnerships are crucial.  We were overjoyed by the result of this Charity of the Year Partnership with Greiner Packaging.  We are truly grateful to the whole team for their extraordinary fundraising achievements.

Kerry Anderson, Head of Fundraising

In 2020 we set out to raise the remainder of this phenomenal £30,000 target and began our charity partnership with Cancer Fund for Children. Our original plans were halted by the Covid-19 restrictions and we had to think of innovative events to raise vital funds for this worthy charity.  Even with all the obstacles which the pandemic threw at us, our colleagues managed to raise £10,313.93 and for this we are extremely proud.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside the team at Greiner Packaging over the past year and I cannot thank them enough for their amazing energy and dedication. It has been a difficult year for us all, but they stepped up to go above and beyond not only to keep their team connected and boost workplace wellbeing through their activities, but they raised a phenomenal total in support of local young people coming to terms with a cancer diagnosis. As we step into 2021, their support will help us ensure that no child has to face cancer alone, throughout the pandemic or beyond.

Alex Murdock, Corporate Fundraiser bei Cancer Fund for Children

In addition to the £33,428.75 raised by our colleagues, Greiner packaging also donated £10,000 to each of our three nominated charities.  This brought the grand total donated to these three worthy charities to £63,428.75!  We hope that this will enable them to continue with the fantastic work which they do in our local community and throughout Northern Ireland.

We set 10 strategic objectives for delivery in 2020, and we’ve delivered on almost all, however the one that is closest to many of our hearts is the money raised and donated to these 3 great charities. We set the goal not knowing how to do it, but the charity team formed up, and with creativity, passion and persistence, they found ways to engage people and raise phenomenal amounts.  It’s benefited our business with improved teamwork and fun....and for some of us, it’s improved our health and wellbeing as well!

Philip Woosley, CEO

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