Bottle solutions for cosmetic products with reduced material usage

18/05/2021 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

From bottles with pump dispensers for thicker lotions to bottles with practical push-down disc dispensers for thinner cosmetic products like nail polish remover, the design experts at DesPro have the perfect, attractively shaped, sustainable packaging solution to offer for cosmetic products. These solutions perform particularly well when it comes to sustainability, as the pump systems can be reused. This means that consumers can buy one bottle with a pump dispenser, after which they will only need to buy a sealed bottle with the original product and screw on the pump cap. This saves plastic and ensures a sustainable shift in consumer awareness.

Ideal wall thickness distribution thanks to extrusion blow molding

Extrusion blow molding is the top technology for producing bottles of this type for cosmetic products. And it is the ideal method for controlling the wall thickness distribution, with a perfect wall thickness on the base or shoulder giving the bottle the necessary stability. The bottle bodies can be produced with particularly thin walls – in the case of K3® packaging solutions, made from a combination of plastic and cardboard, a cardboard wrap lends additional sturdiness and stability. However, the cosmetic bottles can also be produced using injection stretch blow molding.

K3®: a solution for various forms of packaging

The only restriction on the freedom to create different bottle shape designs is the extent to which the cardboard allows for deformation. And there are plenty of creative shapes that can be developed. It is possible to take full advantage of K3®’s main benefits in the cosmetics sector, too, as the cardboard wrap is easy to detach using a tear-off strip and dispose of separately. In conjunction with the option to reuse the pump dispensers multiple times, this idea from DesPro represents an extremely sustainable solution for cosmetic products. All of this is also supported by the tactile qualities of the cardboard, which provides a natural hand feel and adds a certain sense of serenity to the consumer’s bathroom.

A thing of beauty in every sense

Even the remaining section of the bottle that is not wrapped in cardboard can be provided with attractive surface structures and recesses to deliver an additional haptic effect while further enhancing the value of cosmetic packaging solutions. In addition to products for cosmetic purposes only, K3® packaging can also be used to help detergents, household cleaning products, and many other nonfood and food products attract attention at the point of sale and ensure sustainability. There are hardly any limits to the imagination.

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