Design and prototyping at Greiner Packaging

Good packaging protects its contents. Great packaging protects its contents, too – but it can do so much more. On the shelf, the unique designs used in great packaging captivate shoppers’ attention and draw their eye. The great practicality of these solutions is also highly regarded. It’s a benefit both to consumers and the entire supply chain – from the filling stage to transportation and storage through to the store shelf.

At Greiner Packaging, we have our design and prototyping department, DesPro, to thank for these great packaging solutions. Our colleagues in the DesPro team not only have a keen eye for beauty, they’re also aware of market trends and understand which design ideas are technically implementable. By working with our customers, they therefore succeed in creating great designs for great packaging.


In Stefan Ebli’s talk, “Design and innovation: delivering the future of packaging,” the head of design and prototyping services at Greiner Packaging shows how packaging can be practical, functional, visually appealing and sustainable in equal measure.

DesPro Designs