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19/09/2016 | 2 min read
Sandor Kuli

Sága Foods / Mini-Frankfurter

Virtually no other country can boast as many types of frankfurters as Hungary. When traditional cooking is not an option, modern manufacturing processes make it possible to enjoy them directly from the package, cold or briefly warmed in the microwave. The Hungarian company Sága Foods found itself, like many others, in search of new and practical packaging for its mini frankfurters. An intensive collaboration with Greiner Packaging resulted in a packaging concept unique on the Hungarian market: a K3® cup with a resealable IML lid.

Packaging facts


180 g






Cup: Cardboard wrap

Lid: IML


Smoked, cheese

Our goal was to develop a practical and heat-resistant package that would also ensure maximum protection for our mini frankfurters. We are more than satisfied with the result, both from the functional as well as the visual perspective. 

Zsolt Keleti, CEO of Sága Foods

The PP/EVOH material combination results in a barrier effect that makes it possible to heat the thick-walled cups directly in the microwave. For this innovative packaging Greiner Packaging was even rewarded the Hungarian Hungaropack Save Food 2015 Award.

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