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01/03/2017 | 2 min read
Thomas Edbauer

Emsa / Drink bottle

The buying decision is being influenced more and more by where and under what conditions products are produced. Quality and safety play a particularly large role when it comes to products for children. The same goes for the new Emsa-brand drink bottles. These are produced in Austria by Greiner Packaging and meet all the necessary quality requirements. Greiner Packaging uses Tritan™ as the production material for the drink bottles, guaranteeing excellent features such as high stability for the final product. The Tritan™ bottles come in two sizes with a wide range of cool designs.

What is Tritan™?

Tritan™ is a thermoplastic resin. Producers benefit from its good workability and its high heat resistance and stability.


» BPA-free

» Neutral taste

» Dishwasher-safe up to 80 degrees centigrade

» Shatterproof

Packaging facts


500 ml, 700 ml




Injection stretch blow molding

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