Greiner Packaging has been developing and producing rigid plastic packaging for 60 years, using the vast array of production, decoration, and barrier technologies at its disposal. The company’s packaging products are used in a multitude of food and non-food markets. Aiming to help deliver a circular economy, the packaging specialists are constantly expanding their range of sustainable packaging solutions.

Greiner Packaging consists of two business units: Packaging and Assistec. While Packaging focuses on producing packaging products, Assistec produces technical parts and complete assemblies made of plastic. Greiner Packaging is a subsidiary of Greiner AG, a global group of companies that includes two other divisions: Greiner Bio One und NEVEON. Greiner Packaging employs a workforce of 4,900-plus at more than 30 locations in 19 countries around the world. In 2020, the company generated annual sales revenues of € 692 million (including joint ventures), which represents more than 35 percent of Greiner’s total sales.

Annual Report 2020

For further details on Greiner AG and its four operating divisions, see the Greiner AG Annual Report 2020.