Multi-use lids

Resealable packaging that extends the shelf life of food is an important part of handling it in a secure, sustainable way – and yogurt cups are a key example. By producing multi-use lids, we offer a solution that’s both easy to use and easy on the environment:

Our reusable, dishwasher-safe snap-on lid is produced using the injection molding process and can be used on new yogurt cups again and again. This keeps the yogurt fresh and ensures it doesn’t lose its flavor. But our multi-use lids aren’t just convenient – they also help to save plastic. Plus, large volumes of waste are also prevented at the same time, because once the cups are empty, our multi-use lids don’t just end up in the trash.
With a diameter of 95 millimeters, our multi-use lid fits most standard yogurt cups on the market. This means we can offer our customers an end-to-end solution with a perfect fit – because the cup and lid can be manufactured together so they match precisely.  The lid is made from PP using the injection molding process and decorated with IML. It’s dishwasher-safe, so it can be reused again and again.

Schärdinger, Tirol Milch, and Stainzer brands have been using the new snap-on lid since April 2020, for example. These manufacturers are thus offering consumers a new, sustainable solution that stands out thanks to its everyday convenience and environmental performance. We’ve been a supplier and partner to these dairy companies for many years, so we know that reliability, proximity to the production location, and security of supply are also key when introducing new developments like this one. And we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all these areas.

“Our aim is to partner with more and more customers to create sustainable packaging solutions, with all stages in the supply chain working as a team. Thanks to this approach, we can demonstrate that a circular economy in the packaging sector truly works.
Konrad Wasserbauer
Director Circular Economy, Greiner Packaging

Convenient lid

Every yogurt cup produced in the future will come with a lid, too. That’s why the team here at Greiner Packaging is now focusing on multi-use lids that keep yogurt fresh once it’s open and are also environmentally friendly since they’re reusable. It’s an idea that’s practical in day-to-day life and looks great, too.

Environmentally friendly solution

The reusable lid also meets our requirements for sustainability. We are committed to the concept of a circular economy that keeps plastic in circulation as a material for as long as possible. If the lid does have to be disposed of eventually, it will ideally be recycled and incorporated in new plastic products in reprocessed form.