Those were the Innovation Days 2021

16/06/2021 | 2 min read
Theresa Wieser

On June 9 and 10, 2021, plastic packaging producer Greiner Packaging hosted its first interactive trade show experience in its virtual Packworld.

Greiner Packaging responded to the restrictions on interpersonal contact and travel bans caused by the pandemic with its first interactive virtual solution. Over the two days, 19 live sessions featured 31 speakers from a range of industry platforms, NGOs and government organizations, who joined Greiner Packaging representatives in keynote speeches, live talks, and material sessions focusing on various aspects of establishing a circular economy for packaging.

As Greiner Packaging’s motto is “do the innovation”, it is no surprise that subjects covered during the event included: design for recycling; connected packaging; and delivering the future of packaging. In addition, there were live sessions about the EU legislative environment, innovations in waste material collection, and sustainable plastics, plus workshops about Life Cycle Assessment, and several sessions devoted to specific materials.

Recordings of all the live sessions are available now for registered users (registration is still possible):

Opening the Innovation Days, Greiner Packaging CEO Manfred Stanek presented 14 innovations in 15 minutes and talked about the crucial role innovation plays in meeting the requirements for sustainable packaging solutions.

Greiner Packaging structures its innovation activity by identifying the major trends that we are facing and organising those trends into innovation search field. We then allocate innovation projects to those fields. Trends include: alternative materials; recycled materials; material reduction; eco-convenience; reusable packaging; smart packaging with the help of digitalization; and circular business models.

Manfred Stanek, CEO Greiner Packaging

He then presented 14 exciting innovation projects including: home compostable coffee capsules; fully recyclable paper cups; high-temperature resistant r-PET cups; foamed K3®; multi-dosing and squeezy bottles; smart packaging including digital watermarks and serialization; reusable packaging; and products made from ocean plastics.

A recording of Manfred Stanek’s live presentation and all of the other live sessions from the two day event can be seen on the event platform (registration and login necessary:

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