New look for professional styling

01/01/2017 | 2 min read
Aivi Järve

KC Professional / Hair care

We dye it, blow-dry it, straighten it, style it. It shows our individuality and is very often cause for much discussion. Hair is among the most visually distinctive features of a person and ideally it has body and is supple and glossy. Making an important contribution to this are shampoos and conditioners which, in countless variations, take into account the diverse needs of users. 

The Finnish brand Four Reasons – one of the KC Professional brands – markets high-quality Nordic hair care products that will henceforth be sold in practical plastic bottles from Greiner Packaging. Above all, the color of the modern-design bottles is what calls attention and provides distinctiveness on the shelf.

While beauty products are often offered in soft pastel colors, the shampoos and care products distinguish themselves in black. The look is clean, trendy and elegant – and perfectly matches the image of the brand. The hair care products are aimed at both women and men alike and are available at hairdressing supply shops and salons.

Packaging facts


250 ml, 300 ml




Blow molding




Moisture, Color protection, Volume, Repair, Blond, Silver, Healing, Deep cleaning

We consider Greiner Packaging a reliable partner and benefit in this project from the close proximity of the production sites. Low transport costs and optimized, customized storage logistics mean great added value for us.

Jyrki Hakala of KC Professional

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