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Greiner Packaging wins OBAL ROKU Award 2020

30/10/2020 | 2 min read
Petr Simek

The K3® r-PET/r-PAP packaging made from 70 percent recycled material impressed the jury at the Czech Republic’s national award competition to take home the OBAL ROKU AWARD 2020 in the Food Packaging category. As with all the packaging products in its extensive range of K3® products, Greiner Packaging’s primary goal from the outset was to create a sustainable solution that contains an especially high share of recycled material while reducing the amount of plastic.

OBAL ROKU is a certified competition designed for Czech and foreign companies working with interesting packaging solutions. Its aim is to promote the best ideas and innovations in the packaging technologies segment. Greiner Packaging took home the award for its K3® r-PET/r-PAP packaging made from 70 percent recycled material. Among other criteria, the jury evaluated the products in terms of innovation, product protection, sales and marketing presentation, ease of opening and closing, as well as cost effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Greiner Packaging’s cup solution made a particularly strong impression on the jury when it came to innovation, marketing presentation, and eco-friendliness.

Most sustainable solution in Greiner Packaging’s portfolio

The K3® r-PET/r-PAP cups save 30 to 50 percent more plastic than conventional cups, replacing it with an additional cardboard sleeve. Both materials can be easily pulled apart from each other after consumption using the K3® zipper and then disposed of separately. This makes Greiner Packaging’s K3® r-PET/r-PAP a highly sustainable packaging solution and also helps to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

The K3® r-PET/r-PAP cups are ideal for deli foods, salads, and vegetables such as tomatoes. In other words, the packaging solutions stand out for their wide range of potential uses, their excellent sustainability profile, and the marketing options they offer by way of high-quality printing on both sides.

We are proud to receive this latest award for one of our K3® products. The K3® r-PET/r-PAP cups made from 70 percent recycled material underscore our commitment to releasing products that are even more sustainable and suitable for closed-loop recycling while still looking good, offering a wide range of marketing opportunities, and being easy for consumers to use.

Petr Šimek, Sales & Marketing Manager at the Slusovice plant

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