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Greiner Packaging joins #ForumRezyklat

04/12/2020 | 2 min read
Konrad Wasserbauer

Greiner Packaging became an official member of #ForumRezyklat in November 2020. In joining this international alliance, we are demonstrating our long-term commitment to matters relating to the circular economy as part of a strong network of well-known brand manufacturers, packaging and recycling companies, government ministries, and other institutions.

The agile alliance was founded by German-based retailer dm-drogerie markt in 2018 with the aim of advancing the circular economy in order to conserve resources. Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging solutions are fundamental to this objective – exactly the same approach that Greiner Packaging has already been pursuing through its circular economy strategy for some time. Greiner Packaging and other new members, including Coca-Cola and the Green Dot, are now making an active contribution on the forum’s four expert panels.

We believe that joining the #ForumRezyklat alliance is a fantastic opportunity to cooperate with many professional partners along the value chain so we can take the implementation of a global circular economy a vital step forward together.

Konrad Wasserbauer, Circular Economy Director at Greiner Packaging

Four expert panels, many shared goals

To achieve the various objectives aimed at supporting a circular economy, the members of #ForumRezyklat participate in four expert panels covering the following issues: the management of master data, the further development or advancement of technologies and recyclability, the formulation of additional standards for recycled materials, and customer communication.

Master data collection – a good example of pioneering work

For example, #ForumRezyklat advocates improving the way master data is managed for branded products. The Global Synchronisation Network (GDSN), run by Austrian member GS1, makes it possible for data to be exchanged regarding the recycled content of packaging materials. Together, the forum has now extended the data set for the collection of product master data to include the information on postconsumer recycled materials (PCR) in the packaging. Until now, manufacturers and suppliers across Germany were able to enter these details via the database managed by Markant. In the future, providing this data on PCR will be part of the German target market profile for GDSN maintained by GS1 Germany.

The result is a national and international standardized database that allows automated processing and provides information on the proportion of recycled material in packaging – data that can also be used for extended shelf labeling. This is an enormous step forward, especially for producers who operate internationally. Even companies that are not involved in the forum can enter details of the PCR content of product packaging via GDSN.

Boosting the rate of recycling and the proportion of recycled material

There are also good examples of how the forum members – who now number 47 – are working on strategies and measures in the field of recycling in order to raise public awareness of the concept of a circular economy. One of the issues being tackled is the separation of recyclable materials according to type, with the aim of increasing the recycling rate and the proportion of recyclate used in packaging in the long term. In addition, #ForumRezyklat strives to reduce packaging overall and to ensure, right from the start of the development process, that new packaging solutions are recyclable so that the materials can be kept in circulation as resources. Greiner Packaging has been taking the very same approach for several years with Design for Recycling.

At dm, we firmly believe that the best way to successfully advance a functioning circular economy is to collaborate with partners. That is why we are delighted that more companies, including Greiner Packaging, are contributing their unique expertise to the forum and supporting our work on the expert panels.

Sebastian Bayer, founder of #ForumRezyklat and the dm director responsible for the Marketing and Procurement department

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