Spicy pleasures

13/10/2016 | 2 min read
Marcus Hinterberger

Effective immediately, the exciting flavor varieties of the German mustard producer BORN will be available on the market in environmentally friendly cups. The 200-milliliter cups are being produced by Greiner Packaging and are based on the proven K3® technology: A light plastic cup saves more CO2 than traditional mustard packaging, the recyclable cardboard wrap provides stability and offers plenty of space for printed information – for example, nutritional information or recommendations for use – both outside and inside. The light-tight cup is sealed with an aroma seal to ensure full enjoyment of the mustard, and is then topped with a colored plastic lid. The individual components of the mustard cup ensure mess-free disposal. But the new packaging is impressive not only because of its environmentally friendly characteristics; the seven different mustard flavors are also raised to a new visual level and set themselves apart from competitors in the German retail sector. The ESINA retail brand also offers two mustard flavors in the new K3® cup.

Packaging facts


200 ml


Cup: PP

Lid: Colored PP


Cup: Thermoforming

Lid: Injection molding


Cup: Cardboard wrap


Snap-on lid


Hot, medium hot, grilling, honey, onion, horseradish, and garlic mustard

The subject of sustainability is very important to us at BORN. In Greiner Packaging, we have a long-term partner that constantly breaks new ground in terms of packaging quality and thus promotes the success of our products.

Frank Gerhardt of BORN

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