Sauce bottles with a touch of fantasy

10/10/2019 | 2 min read
Rene Meussel

What would a good-quality, tasty burger be without the right sauce? German restaurant chain Peter Pane takes a lively, modern approach, driven above all else by a desire to put freshness first. Its high standards are reflected in both its food and its restaurant spaces, which are decorated with a huge array of lovingly arranged interior features. In this spirit, Peter Pane picked Greiner Packaging to produce its new plastic sauce bottles. The innovative Kavoblow MBT bottle supplied by the plastics experts manages to combine three important packaging qualities in a single product: high barrier properties, a high degree of transparency, and thermal stability. 

Packaging facts


Injection stretch blow molding


400 ml



  • Ketchup
  • BBQ
  • Fruit

Characteristics that simultaneously ensure the best sauce taste, shelf life, and practicality for consumers. For the new product, Greiner Packaging created a highly transparent, thermally stable, injection stretch blow molded barrier bottle made of PP/EVOH/PP.

The sauce bottles are also intended to convey Peter Pane’s contemporary and detail-conscious approach. The sauce bottles produced by Greiner Packaging are presented in sets of four and currently sit atop tables at 30 restaurants.

It was important for us to be able to offer our sauces in packaging that fits in with the concept of our restaurants, but at the same time also sits well in the hand and meets our high quality standards.

Patrick Junge, CEO of Peter Pane

Thanks to its simple, efficient production process and design variability, Kavoblow MBT is the ideal production technology, particularly for products such as ketchup, sauce, and sugo, which require high barrier properties, hot filling, and transparency. By using an unconventional mold parting line, it was also possible to ensure that a seam did not cut through the lettering on the bottles, making the packaging design as clean and appealing as possible. As well as being on the tables in Peter Pane’s restaurants, the bottles of sauce are also available for customers to buy and take home with them.

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