Ready for the busy day

23/09/2016 | min read
Rachel Sheldon

Weetabix / Cereal products

A good day starts with a balanced breakfast. Weetabix (UK) cereal products attract consumers with their high whole-grain and fiber content, providing plenty of energy. Different flavor ranges offer just the right taste for every palate. The perfect cereal experience appeals not just to the tastebuds, but to the ears as well – triggered by the “crunch.” To keep that crunch for as long as possible, on-thego cereal products are offered in PP cups from Greiner Packaging – perfectly protected from external effects. To enjoy these products on the go, consumers simply add milk to the cereal and then eat them directly from the K3® cup. An energy-demanding day is now no longer a challenge. Weetabix say they launched these products to appeal to consumers looking for a quick and nutritious breakfast they can eat anywhere.

Packaging facts


65 g of dry cereal, 380 ml Cup






Cardboard wrap


Crispy Minis Choc Chip, Banana, Weetos Original, Chocolate

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