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Premium look for premium organic yogurt: K3® Inside-Out Cup

12/04/2021 | 2 min read
Markus Oehler

Greiner Packaging has taken the K3® cup to a new level, developing and producing the K3® Inside-Out Cup for Swiss premium organic yogurts, featuring a transparent section.

Headquartered in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland, dairy product manufacturer Estavayer Lait SA (ELSA) is a subsidiary of the ELSA-MIFROMA Group owned by Swiss retail group Migros. As with other retailers, Greiner Packaging has maintained a close development partnership and business relationship with Migros for many years. In 2010, Migros launched a new brand, Migros Premium, which sells high-quality products for everyday life. This new brand offers products from the current range that enjoy exceptional popularity due to their high quality – including a premium organic yogurt.

Smart updates: natural feel and transparent section

ELSA now uses revamped packaging for the premium organic yogurt it produces, the K3® Inside-Out Cup developed by Greiner Packaging. The Inside-Out Cup comes with a simple but unique twist – the usual K3® cardboard wrap has been turned inside out. As with all K3® cups, it goes without saying that there is no shortage of decoration options, as the wrap can be printed on both sides. The K3® Inside-Out Cup makes a distinctive impression right on the store shelf due to its attractive appearance. And this visual appeal is enhanced by the inviting, see-through section, which covers the entire lower area of the cup’s body and is deliberately left unobstructed by the cardboard wrap. Thanks to this feature, shoppers can get a clear impression of the product’s quality and consistency right away at the point of sale without the packaging suffering any wear, tear, or indentation.

Packaging facts






150 ml




Sealing lid

This smart, inside-out design that we developed provides a unique natural feel. Every K3® cardboard wrap has a rough and a smooth side, although the latter is usually on the outside. Aiming to deliver a closer-to-nature hand feel, we simply inverted the yogurt cups’ wraps – which, incidentally, are also used by other customers of ours. As a result, the cups have an even more natural overall look, their eco-friendly properties are underscored by the way they feel in the hand, and the whole package catches the eye right there on the store shelf.

Markus Oehler, key account manager, Greiner Packaging

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