On track for innovation

22/05/2023 | min read
Johanna Pancheri

Innovation is in the DNA of Greiner Packaging and Greiner Assistec. What it takes to live innovation is the opportunity to challenge oneself regularly. This is what happened at this year's Innovation Camp, which the company hosted at its Packworld near Vienna. 

The highlights: 

  • More than 60 Greiner Packaging and Greiner Assistec employees from  

  • more than 20 countries worked in 

  • 9 teams on creative ideas, which they presented in a final  

  • final pitching session in front of a top-class jury. 

Innovation takes place at Greiner Packaging and Greiner Assistec in many different places - one of them being the 9 Strategic Search Fields that the company has set up to look at trends and technologies in order to explore and validate new ideas. At the internal Innovation Camp, all search field teams came together and were given the task: 

Develop one selected idea per team into a concrete solution concept and outline it in a validation plan.   

At the end of the two-day event, the pioneers presented their creative approaches in a 5-minute pitch to an Innovation Committee, which decided whether to "go" or "stop."   

I expect some inspiring, new and innovative ideas from all our search fields from today's pitch session.

Manfred Stanek, jury member, COO Greiner AG and former CEO Greiner Packaging

... and these expectations were met. Pitches ranged from innovative reusable concepts to new solutions for the event sector and online trade to reusable secondary packaging and much more.   

I think the drive is exceptional, it's really great to be here and feel the teams working - a cool spirit, really.

Karl Berger, jury member, Vice President Business Unit Assistec

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