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04/04/2018 | 3 min read
Pavel Šrom

Genol GmbH & Co KG / Motor oil

Good packaging promises optimal protection for a product. Better packaging can do more: It shines through extraordinary design, by being highly user-friendly, or by having ideal stacking capability, for instance. Consumers rarely think about how much know-how goes into a packaging. And that’s OK. Because the best packaging is the one that functions intuitively, without your having to think about it. The following case study by Greiner Packaging in collaboration with Greiner Assistec spells out the details that need to be thought through and taken into account when developing a packaging, in order to guarantee the utmost user friendliness. 

The task:

To develop ergonomic oil canisters in two si-zes (1liter and 5 liter) for the Austrian company, Genol.

The challenge:

Despite using the smallest possible amount of materials, both containers need to rank at the top for stability. Moreover, the geometry of the packs should make it possible to empty the container as completely as possible. 

The solution: 

  • 1-liter bottle: A container with sloping recesses on the sides. These serve as a place to grip it as well as a labeling surface. The opening is placed off-center.
  • 5-liter jug: A container with a double grip or handle. The opening is placed off-center.





Extrusion blow molding

Added value


The advantage: 

The off-center mouth in both container sizes ensures optimal pouring behavior as well as nearly fully emptying the oil from the container. The containers can be made in just one production step by means of extrusion blow molding technology, which minimizes the cost and amount of materials used. The sloping recess ensures that the 1-liter container fits nicely and safely in your hand. Moreover, the recess protects the labels from abrasion. The double grip on the 5-liter bottle ensures better weight distribution during stacking, since the weight does not rest solely on the closure. The fl at portion on the upper grip end also makes it easier to stack the jugs.

The conclusion:

We had very high demands for our motor oil packaging. The design as well as the execution of Greiner Packaging and Greiner Assistec conform not only to what we imagine but have also proven themselves as practical packaging along the entire length of the supply chain, right up to our consumers.

Christoph Sturmlechner, Sales Director at Genol GmbH & Co KG

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