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Lidl Switzerland reduces plastic content across yogurt range by 37 percent

30/08/2021 | 2 min read
Antonios Kampouris

Working with Greiner Packaging and Molkerei Forster, Lidl Switzerland has achieved a 37 percent plastic reduction for 19 flavors of its Milbona yogurt range. This has been achieved by switching from a direct-printed cup to Greiner Packaging’s fully recyclable K3® cardboard-plastic combination, featuring the new patented tear-tab.

Established in May 1981, Molkerei Forster is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and expanded its capacity with the opening of a new production facility in June. The Forster dairy is located in the Appenzellerland rural area, in the North East of Switzerland, therefore ensuring supply and offering proximity to its retail customer Lidl Switzerland.

“For many years, Molkerei Forster has provided own-label dairy products to Lidl Switzerland under the Milbona brand,” says Molkerei Forster founder Markus Forster. “We have a mission to focus on sustainability, and in April – working with Greiner Packaging – we changed the packaging for the 200g Milbona yogurt range from a direct print cup to the K3® cardboard-plastic combination, featuring the new easy-to-use tear-tab which allows consumers to separate the cardboard from the plastic, enhancing the pack’s recyclability.”

The new K3® pack delivers weight reduction on the plastic portion, as the plastic part of the K3® cup weighs just 4.1g while the previous cup weighed 6.5g. The removable outer cardboard wrap is made from recycled cardboard and communicates that it uses 37 percent less plastic, while also featuring the ‘Improving & reducing packaging responsibly’ logo, which Lidl Switzerland uses to identify more sustainable packaging solutions.

The inside of the cardboard sleeve is used to help consumers understand Lidl's commitment to sustainability. The question “Did you know that we not only develop high quality products for you, but also care that our products are packaged responsibly?” is followed by an explanation about the importance of reducing the amount of plastic used. In addition, there is a link to a webpage explaining how the Swiss retailer has already implemented more than 200 measures through its “Said, Done” program to “ensure a better future today.”

Lidl Switzerland pursues the goal of making sustainable shopping possible for everyone and every wallet. With our commitment, we prove: Sustainable shopping does not have to be expensive.

Andreas Zufelde, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl Switzerland

“As a grocer, we have a great responsibility towards the environment and society. We face up to this responsibility along the entire value chain and put it into practice in numerous projects. Saving a significant amount of plastic by converting our Milbona yogurt packaging to K3® contributes to this goal.”

The next step, which is already underway, will see the Milbona 500g cup also being converted from direct-printed cup to a cardboard-plastic packaging solution.

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