Labneh for spreading, dipping and more – from K3® packaging

30/01/2024 | 4 min read
Kai Anthony

Sustainable Cup for Labneh

Yaza chooses Greiner Packaging’s sustainable K3® cup for its traditional Mediterranean dairy product Labneh.

Yaza is introducing American consumers to its traditional Mediterranean labneh, a versatile dairy product for spreading, dipping and more, and it has chosen to use Greiner Packaging’s K3® sustainable cardboard-plastic cup.

Offering many nutritional benefits, labneh is typically found in Mediterranean diets and is made from fresh milk that is strained until it forms a smooth consistency perfect for dipping and spreading. Yaza Labneh is all-natural, low-fat, high in protein, probiotic-rich and contains no preservatives or added sugars. Labneh’s versatile flavor makes it the perfect healthy substitute for cream cheese, sour cream and dips like hummus. 

A commitment to sustainability

“At Yaza, our foremost commitment is to deliver delectable and genuine Mediterranean cuisine to households across the United States,“ says Karim Khalil, Founder of Yaza. “We firmly believe in the authenticity of our food, emphasizing both flavor and ingredients. This entails a steadfast commitment to excluding chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars from our labneh. Our dedication goes beyond just creating wholesome products; we want our customers to feel good about supporting us. Integral to this experience is ensuring our packaging is not only sustainable, but also beneficial to them and the planet we call home.” 

 “Yaza’s commitment to sustainability begins at the source – our milk is sourced from local dairy farms nestled in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. The journey from these farms to a nearby creamery, just a few miles down the road, ensures freshness and significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Even our ingredients used for flavoring are carefully selected from the surrounding area, further minimizing environmental impact. Given the inherently low ecological footprint of our product, the choice of packaging was a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability.” 

That’s precisely why we opted for Greiner's K3® cup, which aligns seamlessly with our ethos of responsible and environmentally conscious practices, its clear sustainability credentials were a significant factor in our decision-making process.

Karim Khalil, Founder of Yaza

A holistic and positive consumer experience

“Yaza is committed to incorporating eco-friendly practices into our operations, and sustainable packaging is a key component in meeting our standards. Greiner Packaging's K3® solution not only meets but exceeds our expectations in terms of its environmental impact.” The innovative design and shape of Greiner Packaging's K3® solution offer a perfect fit for Yaza Labneh. The packaging's form factor not only enhances the aesthetic appeal on the shelf but also provides functional benefits, ensuring ease of handling and portion control for consumers. The thoughtful design creates a harmonious and visually pleasing package that enhances the overall consumer experience for Yaza’s premium labneh. 

The cardboard wrap on Greiner Packaging’s innovative K3® cardboard-plastic combination provides stability, so the cup can be produced with particularly thin walls. By using less plastic than other solutions it delivers a reduced C02 footprint. The cup and wrap can be easily separated which is important for recyclability. As the cup is always white or transparent it produces high-quality recyclates which are not contaminated by any inks.

Sustainable collaboration

“We are proud to be working with Yaza to push the labneh sub-category forward in the U.S.,” said Kai Anthony, Business Development Manager at Greiner Packaging. “Our design team worked diligently with the Yaza team to complete the final packaging that not only appeals to consumers familiar with labneh but also to consumers who may be unfamiliar.” 

“For its packaging, the company was seeking more detailed, market-specific sustainability communications for both retail partners and end consumers. Our resealable and perfectly recyclable K3® solution certainly delivers as it is the ideal packaging to support the company’s values.” 

“Working with GPI at Pittston has been a positive experience,” concludes Karim Khalil. “Their team has demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding our specific needs and ensuring that the K3® packaging solution meets our requirements. The collaboration has been smooth, and we appreciate the dedication and expertise they bring to the table.” 

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