Karlo Spoon wins Award

04/10/2021 | 2 min read
Charlotte Enzelsberger

The Karlo spoon, a joint development of Greiner Packaging and Cardbox Packaging has been recognized with a European Carton Excellence Award in the Innovation category.

In response to the 2021 ban on disposable plastic cutlery, Cardbox Packaging and Greiner Packaging presented their first cardboard spoon on the market in the beginning of 2021. Further development has now led to an even smarter packaging solution, designed for enjoying dairy and snack products away from home. The Karlo spoon is right on track with both the convenience and sustainability trends: Consumers want food solutions that are easy to prepare and can also be enjoyed on the go – and they also want the food’s packaging and cutlery to be as user and eco-friendly as possible. Cutlery made of renewable resources such as cardboard, which is 100 percent recyclable in the paper recycling loop, taps into these exact trends. Now, this sustainable cutlery solution has been awarded.

The jury has not seen many products on the market like this spoon and we believe it will be really popular with consumers. The spoon is delivered folded so is very compact, is easy to unpack and assemble and the structural design ensures that it holds food really well. Disposable cutlery was previously made of plastic, sometimes of wood, but this one is 100% paper based making it recyclable and sustainable.

Jean-René Truttmann, member of the jury

Combining it with a top cup made of r-PET and polypropylene (PP) sealing film results in a sustainable packaging solution with an excellent recycling profile: To access the spoon, the PP film is automatically separated from the lid. This ensures that the individual packaging components are 100 percent recyclable when correctly disposed of.

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