Innovative, part-grass packaging

05/11/2019 | 3 min read
Thomas Maibohm

The trend toward more conscious dietary choices, including organically grown food, shows no signs of letting up in Germany. That was reason enough for Bauer, a private dairy operation, to release its new Bauer organic yogurt in four delicious varieties: fruity cherry, sun-ripened strawberry, delicate mango and vanilla, and aromatic pear. The products all consist of fresh natural yogurt topped with a layer of fruit and are, of course, made with ingredients sourced from certified organic producers. The new Bauer organic yogurts not only bear the EU organic logo, but are also labeled with the Bioland logo, giving them the seal of approval from Germany’s largest organic food association. The milk used in the organic yogurt products comes from Bioland farms in Bavaria. Since 1971, Bioland’s passion-driven farmers have been successfully committed to an innovative approach to agriculture that works in harmony with nature. 

Animal welfare is a particularly important issue for the association, with Bioland’s guidelines ensuring that the farmers’ cows are put out to pasture whenever possible and given 100 percent organic feed. Naturally, a sustainable food product like this one deserves sustainable packaging. This is where Greiner Packaging came in. As well as being filled with goodness on the inside, the new Bauer organic yogurts are also surrounded by goodness on the outside, with each cup containing 24 percent less plastic than a comparable standard yogurt cup. The plastic cups with paper sleeves are not only lighter than traditional plastic cups – they’re easy to recycle, too. The plastic and sleeve are designed for optimal separation and disposal.

Packaging facts


150 g






Cardboard-plastic combination



The cup is wrapped in a sleeve made of environ­mentally friendly grass paper containing 40 percent grass – a rapidly renewable resource that consumes less energy in production and releases fewer green­house gas emissions than conventional paper.

Grass regrows more quickly than wood and requires less water and energy during processing, meaning that the production of grass paper also cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. On the inside of the cup, curious consumers can learn more about the sustainable packaging material. The natural yogurt varieties have been retailing in 150-gram cups in Germany since early 2019.

Finding an eco-friendly packaging solution for our new organic line was especially important to us. We were impressed by the grass paper solution from Greiner Packaging, and we also love the cup’s distinctive and unique design.

Alfons Thumbach, Head of Purchasing at Bauer

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