Idea to product- the evolution of our new Kavodrink Bottle

23/11/2022 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

How does a new product develop at Greiner Packaging? Come along on a journey from the first ideas to the finished implementation of the Kavodrink Bottle by our in-house design team DesPro.

Step 1: Inspiration

Before we created our new Kavodrink Bottle with first scribbles, we set precise requirements and goals. The goal was to design a bottle that is ergonomically in the hand, offers sufficient possibilities for printing and looks modern and contemporary. Since we think about the future with every product development, it was also an important goal to keep the use of materials as low as possible.

Next, the first scribbles and sketches were made. Here we let our creativity run free and collect ideas and possible solutions. Through quick visualization, it does not only become clear how the product could look like, but also technical challenges are visible and can be discussed and adapted immediately. In the case of the Kavodrink Bottle, 8 designs were created and 3 were shortlisted. Already in this early step we involve our customers to work demand oriented and to implement possible changes.

Step 2: Technical implementation

Next, we take a step towards realization with the first 3D designs. Here we focus on technical details in the implementation and the feasibility is tested thoroughly. Furthermore, an accurate 3D design also serves as a basis for consultation with possible suppliers. In addition, first calculations are carried out to get an overview of costs and to be able to estimate investments.

Step 3: Prototypes

Finally the time has come. The ideas become reality - literally. The prioritized designs are implemented as prototypes - in different versions, as desired. With these prototypes we get feedback from our customers and colleagues and gather experience. This step allows us to fine-tune the final design. Due to the relatively short time from the first idea to the prototype, we manage to reduce the time to final implementation.

Step 4: Final product

It is done! In this phase, final wishes are discussed with the customer, such as colors. After sampling the first products, the best is brought out again and then it finally goes into implementation - series production. Always a nice feeling when we can fulfill customer wishes.

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Stefan Ebli
Head of Design & Prototyping Services

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