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Greiner Packaging exploring enzymatic recycling

14/07/2020 | 1 min read
Charlotte Enzelsberger

One of Greiner Packaging’s goals is to help deliver a circular economy. In pursuing this objective, we are involved in numerous working groups, projects, and initiatives that are committed to practices such as the recycling of plastic waste. One of these projects is ENZYCLE.

ENZYCLE aims to develop processes for recycling plastics that cannot currently be recycled – such as packaging made of different layers of plastic. In addition, the project hopes to find a solution for dealing with microplastics. Its chosen approach to this issue is enzymatic recycling, which uses bacteria to break polymers down into monomers. These can then be used to produce new plastic products.

In addition to Greiner Packaging, 13 other companies from six different countries are participating in the EU-funded project

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