FORUM REZYKLAT Global Recycling Day 2023

17/03/2023 | 2 min read
Alexandria Mitterbaur

18 March is World Recycling Day - a day when the world comes together to put the planet first. Where the focus is on the importance of recycling and conserving our precious resources. This special day is a day like any other for the more than 60 members of Forum Rezyklat. Because they are committed every day to a functioning recycling cycle and the environmental protection of tomorrow. They are committed to increasing the proportion of recycled material in packaging and to raising the recycling rate. For example, with a campaign that, together with the initiative "Waste separation works", explains to the people that really everyone can actively contribute to climate protection by separating residual waste and packaging correctly.

How can packaging make the difference? By Design for Recycling. Design for Recycling refers to the process of creating packaging solutions that increase the sustainability of a product, while at the same time they fulfil all other packaging functions such product and food safety, barrier function, information and marketing, etc.

Design for Recycling is the first step towards using plastic as a valuable resource. In this way, our packaging can be turned into a new product again

Anita Gruber, Global Project Manager Circular Economy

So, what are you waiting for? Join in! Because: After World Recycling Day is before World Recycling Day.

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