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Extra fast - ultrasonic sealing

06/12/2023 | 2 min read
Sebastian Diensthuber

Extra fast - ultrasonic sealing

Plastic sealing lids have been an integral part of the Greiner Packaging product portfolio for over 20 years. When using aluminium lids, the food is protected and its original quality is preserved through the use of a foreign material.
Sealing lid solutions, on the other hand, allow packaging in which the cup and the lid are made of one and the same material – a significant advantage in terms of recyclability. In addition, sealing lids are resealable. This means that the product is ideally protected against external influences even after it has been opened for the first time. This provides additional convenience and is ideal for the larger and increasingly popular family packs. For many years, mainly heat contact methods were used, i.e. thermal sealing. Ultrasonic sealing is now a particularly efficient alternative. While thermal sealing has a relatively long processing time, ultrasonic sealing can reduce sealing times considerably – and with the highest precision. This makes this type of sealing particularly suitable for high volumes (over 40 million units).

Available Dimensions and Sizes

Sealing lids are available in different formats – from 75 mm to 127 mm in diameter, from square to oval. The material of choice is polypropylene (PP). In addition, the lid solution is compatible with different cup decorations: print, sleeve, K3® and IML cups can be produced in combination with sealing lids.

Ultrasonic sealing is a great alternative for customers who value the highest precision in their packaging while offering it in very large quantities. That’s when the extremely high cycle rate that can be achieved using ultrasonic sealing really pays off

Sebastian Diensthuber, Global Product Group Manager at Greiner Packaging

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