DesPro Idea Finder

30/05/2023 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

Good packaging protects the product inside. Great packaging can do so much more besides – it is sustainable, has a unique design that helps it to stand out, and is a top performer in terms of practicality. The advantages are felt not only by consumers but also along the entire supply chain, from the filling line through transportation and warehousing to the point of sale. And the environment benefits as well.

When it comes to creating great packaging, Greiner Packaging’s design and prototyping department, DesPro, is in its element. Its specialists have been designing extraordinary packaging solutions for 14 years. During this time, they have devised more than 1,500 new concepts. In an effort to bring many of these ideas together in one place, the DesPro Idea Finder was developed. This is a database from which suitable packaging concepts can be selected using a wide variety of filter criteria (such as markets, packaging types, current trends, and sustainability considerations). Some of these ideas have already been implemented, whereas others are still waiting for their time to shine. Your product might just be the perfect fit!

When we are asked to come up with a design concept, my colleagues and I immediately get started on the creative process. This generally results in not just one idea but several. As a result, we have a whole catalog of tantalizing ideas that have great potential but are still waiting for the right product. We wanted to bring all these concepts together in one place, so we created the DesPro Idea Finder. From 3D designs, high-end renderings, animations, and videos all the way to the final presentation, the database has it all. This makes our Idea Finder a source of boundless inspiration.

Stefan Ebli, head of design and prototyping services

To protect our intellectual property, the Idea Finder is not publicly accessible. However, customers are welcome to meet with us to gain some insight into DesPro’s design world and seek inspiration. Of course, all of DesPro’s designs can be tailored to individual customer needs. Our DesPro colleagues look forward to working with you on your unforgettable new packaging!

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