Criss Cross

01/02/2018 | 2 min read
Stefan Ebli

3-chamber cup

Whether as a snack for party goers or couch potatoes – many snacks consist of several components, such as sticks and dips. The DesPro multi-chamber package provides the right container for each of these components. From the outside, the package looks like a conventional cup. But detaching the sealing lid on the upper edge of the cup reveals two chambers: a dipping bowl that is not as deep, and a box for the sticks that goes all the way around and is as deep as the cup. The underside of the cup can even be sealed with a cover, making the area under the dipping bowl a third cup chamber where a napkin or toy can be placed.

It is not just the consumers who profit from the convenience that this solution offers; the bottler profits as well, since this DesPro solution is perfectly stackable compared to the solutions that the market currently offers.

The cup is conceived as an injection molding cup, and IML in particular provides a nice effect as a decoration variation. Viewing windows are also possible.

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