Color expert meets packaging expert

15/01/2018 | 2 min read
Arkady Malygin

Henkel / Color refresher

Anyone who has colored their hair before will be familiar with the problem: Frequent washing, blow-drying, and bright sunlight cause the color to fade rapidly. Color Expert by Henkel offers the perfect solution to precisely this problem. It contains modern additives which help to color one’s hair in a more gentle and delicate way. When it comes to this hair care product’s packaging brightness is the key word. In the fall of 2017, Greiner Packaging took over responsibility for the plastic bottles.

While these were previously printed, the plastics experts made the change to a label decoration. On its white background, the writing appears richer and is easier to read. Henkel benefits not only from delivery reliability; the close proximity between Greiner Packaging and Henkel’s filling facility is another factor that makes the partnership so successful.

Packaging facts


180 ml




Extrusion blow molding



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