Attention-grabbing decoration

30/01/2018 | 2 min read
Andrey Bogolyubov

Henkel / Detergent

Detergent is something that is found in every household, and families with children in particular are certain to have significant quantities of it on hand. Families are also the main target group for Russian detergent brand Losk, which is part of the Henkel Group. The company is currently making use of a 10.7-liter package as part of a promotional campaign.

Longtime partner Greiner Packaging was commissioned to produce the container, and the plastics experts successfully hit the mark thanks in particular to its decoration technology. Dry offset printing, a cost-efficient but nevertheless effective type of finishing, is used here: The packaging’s design and fonts are displayed perfectly in eight colors.

Packaging facts






Injection molding


Dry offset printing


Losk Color, Losk Mountain Lake

This packaging design helps us stand out from the competition in an ideal way. Our detergents are eyecatching and attract attention – which is exactly what we wanted to achieve with our promotional campaign.

Anna Nikitina, Brand Manager Losk from Henkel

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