A sustainable packaging solution for baby formula

02/08/2019 | 3 min read
Stefan Ebli

While breast milk cannot simply be replicated, powdered formula represents the best possible alternative for many mothers who cannot or decide not to breastfeed. This substitute form of nutrition, which is typically retailed in powdered form, is subject to the strictest conditions and generally provides everything required for a baby’s healthy development. A product of this kind has to be persuasive in every way – and this also includes packaging that’s not only visually appealing and convenient, but meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability too. DesPro, Greiner Packaging’s in-house design & prototyping department, has responded by developing a K3®-F box that meets the needs of baby formula manufacturers and new parents alike. 

K3®-F: one package, many advantages

Packaging solutions like the K3®-F that combine cardboard and plastic have been very popular in the food industry for many years. They are successful not only thanks to their attractive design, but also because they help to reduce the use of plastic. The advantage of the DesPro solution from Greiner Packaging is that its innovative, patented tear-off system allows the cardboard wrap and plastic container to be easily separated and recycled. This greatly reduces the amount of plastic in the packaging, while the cardboard wrap maintains the container’s stability. Consumers enjoy the pleasant feel of the cardboard finish, which features an attractive design on all sides to command attention on the shelf. The plastic container and folded cardboard wrap can be delivered separately to the company that fills the packaging. Inventories can therefore be kept to a minimum despite a potentially wide variety of different decoration variants.

An environmentally friendly solution

K3®-F packaging is 100 percent recyclable – the cardboard wrap and container can be easily separated from one another before disposal. The sustainability aspect is especially important to Greiner Packaging when it comes to developing new packaging ideas given that the company has signed the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment launched by the UK-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation: This initiative aims to eliminate problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging, to make packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and to increase the use of recycled materials in packaging.  

A practical approach

In essence, DesPro’s innovative packaging solution consists of a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve that can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. The lid is fabricated using the injection molding process and decorated by means of IML (in-mold labeling) technology, which allows for various finishing options such as embossing. The lid includes a tamper-evident feature to further protect the product, while the smart opening mechanism nonetheless makes it easy to open the lid with just one hand. A mount for the measuring spoon is located on the inside of the lid. This packaging design is a convenient all-in-one solution, which Greiner Packaging can tailor precisely to meet its customers’ needs. In addition to baby formula, the cardboard-plastic combination is naturally also suitable for other types of foods, such as cocoa or salt. It also offers a sustainable packaging option for cereals, pet food, or detergents.

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